Effective 2019 Kids with PossAbilities will change our application review process from a rolling approval to a deadline approach.  We will have three deadlines throughout the year where we will review all applications received to that date and approve based on those with the greatest need.  Our deadlines are as follows:
  • January 15
  • April 15
  • October 15
All applications for each deadline must be received by the address by the end of the day.  If you are not approved for one deadline you are welcome to resubmit for a different deadline during the year.  We will continue our process of approving one application per child per year.  Please send any questions regarding this process change to


In order to qualify for funding through Kids with PossAbilities, you must be eligible for an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) through your county’s Children’s Developmental Services Agency or an Individualized Education Program (IEP) through your School System. Generally, a child is delayed by 30% in one area or 25% in two or more areas to qualify for an IFSP or IEP. We will also accept private evaluations that meet this criterion. Kids with PossAbilities serves children in the Greater Charlotte Area. Funding is limited to $1,000 per child per year.

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